Make your Facebook Targeting more profitable and less time consuming

TargetEZ software leverages hidden interests & behaviors and provides advanced preconfigured templates of custom audiences and lookalikes.  

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Increase your ROAS with hidden audiences

For your detailed targeting, the Facebook Ads interface limits the number of audiences you get as suggestions to 25 max.

With TargetEZ, you get access to thousands of hidden Interests, Demographics and Behaviors in any niche and market for your Facebook & Instagram ads.

  • 1 20 % lookalikes
  • 1 20 % lookalikes (3)
  • 1 20 % lookalikes (2)
  • Sans titre (8)

Steal our targeting & retargeting recipes

Templates bring together our best custom & lookalikes audiences.  

We share them with you. With a single click, without any configuration, you can create these hyper-profitable audiences.  

Audiences are directly classified by stages of your sales funnel :

  • Prospecting
  • Remarketing
  • Retargeting
  • Retention
  • Create activity-based audiences in seconds

    Create dozens of custom and lookalikes audiences with just a few clicks.  

    Stop wasting time creating your audiences one by one. 

    Use 50+ ready-to-go Templates

  • Extended lookalike

    Create lookalike (LAL) audiences up to 20% very easily.

    Generate campaign and ad sets based lookalikes.

    Use the bulk mass creation to build up to 7 LAL at once with and without overlap activated.

  • Templates laa
  • 1 20 % lookalikes

TargetEZ : all in 1 software for your Facebook™ Targeting

TargetEZ is build to make your Facebook Targeting easier and more profitable. 

  • Stay ahead of the competition
    Find hidden interests, behaviors and demographics for your detailed targeting.
  • Save time on Audience Validation
    Quickly get detailed information (size, description, links) about an audience.
  • Mass-launch custom audiences and lookalikes
    Use our Templates to launch in a few clicks a full-funnel targeting strategy.
  • Share with your team
    Export your audience research in .CSV, .XLSX, .PDF or Print.
  • Facebook™ Integration
    Directly import your audiences into your Ad sets, create bulk lookalikes and custom audiences.

Affordable Pricing for Everyone

Discover TargetEZ for free with our 7 days free trial or purchase the life time deal with FULL access

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      Behavior Search
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      Demographic Search
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      Exports (.CSV, .PDF, .XLSX)
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      Ad Set Importation
  • Premium

    For Product Hunt ❤
    Life Time Deal
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      Interest searches
      Unlimited interest searches
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      Unlimited templates creations
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      Unlimited projects creations
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      Persona Buyers
      Unlimited Personas Buyers
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      Behavior searches
      Unlimited behavior searches
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      Demographic searches
      Unlimited Demographic searches
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      Exports (.CSV, .PDF, .XLSX)
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      FULL ACCESS to all features


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